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Surrey Hills Shops on Mackinac Island, Michigan
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Loonfeather & Balsams Shop


Our Surrey Hills shops offer a unique shopping destination located in an antique carriage museum.

Browse our three shops and pick up your Mackinac Island gifts and souvenirs. Stop by the Feed Bag for a fresh donut, coffee and hot chocolate, hot popcorn, cold drinks, soup, and more. Picnic on the lawn on one of many picnic tables.

Carriages at Surrey Hills Shops

Mackinac Island Carriage Tours makes two stops at Surrey Hills or explore on your own by bike or hike.

Just minutes from downtown past the Grand Hotel in the island's interior, Surrey Hills is a great place to stop and visit before or after enjoying the many hiking and biking trails the island has to offer.

Carriage displays at Surrey Hills:

Hearse at Surrey Hills

Carriage at Surrey HIlls

The Little Acorn

The Feed Bag
The Feed Bag

The Balsam Shop
The Balsam Shop

The Loon Feather
The Loon Feather


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